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ElectricNoir Studios is building a platform for live-action, interactive dramas on mobile.


Their flagship interactive series, Dead Man's Phone (IOS & Android), puts the player in the role of a detective who solves murders through the smartphone of victims.


Dead Man’s Phone launched in March 2021 and has already garnered half a million organic installs and received a BAFTA-nomination for best mobile game and mainstream acclaim.




Our vision is to scale a content platform in this new medium that delivers the intersection between film and games, creating the first mass-market opportunity in this genre.

For more on the company’s product, vision, team and culture, please see the ElectricNoir hiring pack.

About us

​​We are a playful and dedicated bunch trying to build an enduring creative company at the intersection of film & games. We are only a team of 10 at ElectricNoir but we’ve accomplished a lot.


We believe that success hinges on sustaining a great creative culture – and that starts with the right people. We're looking for exceptional minds who are self-starters and problem-solvers, who relish autonomy and are clear and passionate communicators.

Our Values

Electric Noir hires brilliant and diverse minds unified by one component – generosity of spirit.

We define generosity of spirit as a sustained approach towards kindness, playfulness & curiosity. It’s an instinct, but also a practice. One we try to nurture daily in ourselves and in others. And one that informs all our other company values. Generosity of spirit makes us better teachers and students – and allows us to switch freely between both roles. It makes us more attuned to each other’s well being and candid about emotional health. It promotes diversity and inclusion for hedonistic reasons – exposure to different peoples, stories, ideas becomes a source of genuine interest and pleasure. 

It’s why we distribute leadership across the studio and collaborate across disciplines. Ultimately, it’s what empowers a fearless creative culture that can willfully accept failure as all part of the process.