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Scriptic. Interactive Dramas On Mobile

ElectricNoir is a BAFTA Nominated, studio based in London.  We are building a platform for interactive dramas on mobile called Scriptic. Scriptic delivers on the intersection of film, tv & games.


Our phone-first format is the most accessible, scalable and immersive interactive entertainment format ever conceived.

Our entry point has been the global true crime industry – Dead Man’s Phone is an interactive crime drama where you, the detective, investigate and solve murders through the smartphone of victims. 


"Scriptic is reinventing gaming
for crime podcast age

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Interactive Dramas 
Designed For Adults

We're raising the bar for story games on mobile and crime is just the beginning. Our future platform will house thousands of hours of interactive dramas in multiple genres. From Crime to Sci-fi, Politics and Romance.  


Our shows work like any Netflix show, with high dramatic, episodic content. The difference? YOU play the lead character in the story, making decisions that effect the outcome. 



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The Next Generation
Of Storytellers

We believe that success hinges on sustaining a great creative culture – and that starts with the right people.

We're looking for exceptional minds who are self-starters and problem-solvers.



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